Thursday, 8 May 2014

Yellow-rumped Warbler Twitch!! third for Shetland!

On the Wednesday the 7th of May (yesterday) a Yellow-rumped Warbler (or Myrtle Warbler as it used to be called) was found at Haroldswick by Rob Brookes.
This was the third for Shetland! following ones in 1977 and 1999! either I go see this one or wait another 15 years, I went for the first one.
The next day (the 8th) I headed up with my step-granddad to see it! I wasn't sure if it was still there but after a quick phone call, my worries we tossed aside and we headed to see the bird!
We arrived at Haroldswick to see three cars parked up next to the pool/bushes where the Y-R Warbler was!
One of the birders (Jim Nangle of Cullivoe) came over to us and said that the Warbler was just along the pond (right behind us!!) I got out and I saw a Sand Martin, a small bird caught my eye and it flew towards the bushes! it was the Yellow-rumped Warbler!!! it landed in the trees and I watched it move about before we got back in the car and we moved to the other side of the bushes to get a better look.

The Pool and bushes at Haroldswick, where the Warbler was hanging out

We sat and watched for a second and then the bird popped out again! it sat right on top of the bushes and I got my camera out for some photos.
It popped in and out of the trees for a while along with Chiffchaffs and a Blackcap.
I spoke to the remaining birders there, Gary Bell and Jim Nangle. Gary said that a Glossy Ibis had been seen in the South End!!!! I couldn't actually believe what I was hearing! all the records in Shetland are so far apart! the second and third were over 80 years! and now two different birds within five months? how!!
Anyway I got a few shots of the Chiffchaffs, Y-R Warbler and a Blackcap and then we all headed for the 5:15 ferry.

 Here it is! my best shot of the Y-R Warbler!!

A rather blurry shot of the Yellow-rumped Warbler, same my camera wouldn't focus!

 A Chiffchaff, one of at least two

The World famous Unst bus stop with its latest design of Nelson Mandela

Well it was a pretty good run into Unst, I'm glad I was able to add Yellow-rumped Warbler to my list and I would like to thanks those for helping me get up there and for the information on the birds whereabouts.

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