Friday, 1 August 2014

Great Sundew (Drosera anglica)

A blog post on a recent walk my granddad Tommy and I took to see the Great Sundew, at its only site in Shetland.

Much larger than the Round-leaved Sundew but much much rarer in Shetland

It was a nice small plant, one of the few carnivorous plants in Shetland.
In the small area in which it lived I counted 55 plants, many of which were taller than a tick tack box.

Also I got photos of a few other plants while were we hunting for the Sundews.

A withered Northern Marsh Orchid


Mainland Hawkweed, an endemic to the Isles and one of five planys

 Willowherb, one of the two native ones along with Rosebay

A tiny tree?


Bog Asphodel

Round-leaved Sundew

Took this on Automatic and this is how it came out

Heath Spotted Orchid

Autumn Hawkbit

 A Daisy

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