Saturday, 6 December 2014

American Wigeon, Norby, Sandness 06/12/2014

Today I was on a quest, to find and see the American Wigeon out Wast at the Loch of Collaster, Sandness.
I stopped off in Girlsta and then I was out "Wast" with Paula to hunt for the American.
Just to make sure I checked the map as we were going out and we found the loch.
Wigeon, Swans and Tufted Ducks were already swimming around and I raised my bins to start checking them out, second bird I looked at had the amazing green and lighter markings of the male American Wigeon!! Lifer! and also my 179th for the year! one more for 180.

With the much duller colouration on the body and the creamy white "shield " on the forehead, the male American Wigeon stands out from the flock.

Also a short 1 minute video on the American (with a bit of speaking involved)

With our good sightings we left Norby and headed back to civilization, we'd passed a few bends and I spotted this thrush fly across the road, it was big, Fieldfare but no it wasn't the right colour and size, it was a Mistle Thrush, it had to be!!
I was really excited, a possible year tick had just flown past us! Paula reversed and we spent five minutes trying to track it down with rain lashing in the window but it was found! Paula spotted it on a bank and I got my eyes on it, it was a Mistle Thrush!!! this colossal thrush was finally one my year list! my 180th bird for the year!! I had officially broken the 180 barrier! 

Too finally end off the day after getting these two year ticks (and one lifer) we finished with eight Snow Buntings going over between Tresta and Bixter!!

Many thanks to Paula for taking the 50 miles there and back to help me see the bird!

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