Monday, 5 January 2015

Pomarine Skua, Ulsta 05/01/2015

I arrived back from Fair Isle today and today was actually a school day so I was working my way back up north to Yell.
Before the ferry crossing I checked my phone for the recent sightings on Nature in Shetland, it had been updated for yesterday and one thing that caught my eye was a Pomarine Skua at Ulsta, Yell.
A bird that has been present for a few weeks, and at the time I was thinking to keep an eye going for it.
As the ferry was getting into Ulsta I spotted this dark bird, thinking at the time it was a crow I raised my bins to a dark skua with light primaries and some barring to the wings, it was slightly bigger than an Arctic and had more bulk of a Bonxie but no doubt I knew what this was! it was the Pomarine! (later looks in the Collins Guide confirmed my suspicions) my first Lifer of the year and No. 229 on my Shetland List!

I have to say though it was one unexpected bird to see!

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